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NameMen bar
Weight20 kg plus or minus 1%
SpinBronze Bushing&Stainless Steel Bushing
Center KnurlNo
Knurl Marks6 Section Flower
FinishBlack Zinc
Sleeve CoatingHard Chrome
Tensile Strength230K PSI
This Olympic barbell has a shaft diameter of 28mm and a load capacity of 1500 pounds, so you can load it to focus on muscle building and increase in strength, or reduce the load to attack some high-intensity training to burn fat and focus on muscle tension.
This 20 kg barbell is made of spring steel with a black zinc-plated surface coating to prevent rust. This Olympic barbell has a tensile strength of 230,000 PSI and a yield strength of 199,000 PSI, so you can clean, snatch and deadlift safely and securely.
The knurling on this barbell is designed for a smooth knurling depth-neither too tight nor without grip
Bushes and bearings
The needle bearing housing in the collar provides more rotation than the bushed barbell.
The rotation of the bearing barbell is slightly smoother and slightly more expensive than the bushing.
Bearing barbells are usually used for faster lifts, such as Olympic lifts.
Bushed barbells are usually used for heavier or slower lifts, such as power lifts.
Custom Logo
We have 12 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing all kinds of small fitness equipment.
To accept logo customization, you can add your logo on shoulder ring, sleeve and rod body.The tail of the sleeve can also add its own mark.
Our products will be strictly controlled by quality. Every barbell bar will be printed with the date of delivery to ensure the quality.
Each barbell will be covered with plastic film and placed into a 6MM paper tube, with both ends stuffed with sponge.To minimize damage to products during transportation.China Powerlifting Barbell suppliers

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