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Refractory gunning mix is an amorphous refractory material constructed by using pneumatic tools and mechanical spraying method. It is composed of high temperature abrasion resistant aggregate, ultrafine powder and inorganic polymer dispersion. After curing, the particles are packed tightly, without big defects and with large volume density.
Because of the repeated and continuous impact of cement and aggregate in the spraying process, the sprayed material is compacted, so the spraying coating has better density and mechanical strength. According to the volume density of materials, there are light refractory gunning mix, medium gunning refractory mix and heavy refractory gunning mix in classification. Light gunning refractory mix refers to the density of 0.5 ~ 1.3g/cm3, medium gunning refractory mix refers to the density of 1.3 ~ 1.8g/cm3, and the heavy density of refractory gunning mix is greater than 1.8g/cm3. Light refractory gunning mix is used as thermal insulation lining, medium refractory gunning mix can be used as thermal insulation lining, and heavy one is mainly used as working lining. The materials of refractory gunning mix are silicon-aluminum, magnesium, corundum, clay and so on.
Application: Refractory paint spraying is mainly used as sealing material for thermal equipment lining of industrial kiln, and can be applied to hot air piping system, blast furnace throat, roof and gas outlet pipe system, bottom foundation, blast furnace and hot blast stove lining.
Tech data:
Heavy Refractory Gunning Mix
AL2O3 鈮ワ紝(Min, %)7050
Bulk density (Min, g/cm3)2.32.0
Crushing strength (Min, MPa)110鈩兠?4h3525
Modulus of rupture锛坢in, Mpa锛?/p>110鈩兠?4h66
Permanent liner change锛?300鈩儀3h锛?锛?/p>卤1.0卤0.9
Refractoriness锛堚剝锛?/p>17001650Customized Refractory Gunning Mix

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