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Conduit Also Has Following Features:
1. Smooth surface of pipes and fittings and small friction coefficient reduces resistance to the electrical wires and cables in the pipeline.
2. High resistance to pressure. Ginde conduit of mid size can stand above 750N pressure and can be externally installed or buried in concrete avoiding any damage caused by pressure.
3. Super resistance to impact and heat. In the processing of pouring concrete, Ginde conduit will not break under normal tamping bang and not melted by coagulation heat in construction process.
4. PVC conduit is moisture proof and has excellent resistance to acid, alkali and rust-eaten.
5. According to specification, each joint could be cemented with PVC adhesive to avoid water seepage and get better moisture resistant result. So it is suitable to be used in corrosive environment.
6. Flame retardant: Ginde PVC insulating electric engineering casing can be self extinguished when kept away from fire (it can be self-extinguished after leaving off flame for 30s), so fire can't be spreaded along the pipe.
7. It is insulated. In soaking condition, Ginde PVC conduit will not be broken down by the electricity of AC2000V, 50Hz. In aspect of avoiding electric shock, international tendency is that insulation is preferred to earth connection. Ginde PVC insulation electrical conduit meets this requirement.
8. Because PVC conduit has special additive, it will not emit smell attracting insects and mice biting it.
9. Easy installation. The conduit less than de32mm can be easily cut off by pipe cutter. Inserting relevant special spring into conduit, it can be bent into needed angle under normal temperature. Pipeline meeting the construction shape will be formed to connect conduits with PVC adhesive.
1. Size (mm): 16-50mm, others can be customized.
2. Colors: white/orange/blue, others can be customized.
3. Material: 100% virgin material
4. Strong OEM/ODM
5. Standard: DIN/GB
6. Application: used for electrical pipeline.PVC-U For Electrical

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